Mozart: Concerto for Basset Clarinet & Concert Arias

Mozart: Concerto for Basset Clarinet & Concert Arias
Pieter Van Maldere: Sinfonia in D

Terra Nova Collective, Vlad Weverbergh, Coline Dutilleul
Etcetera KTC1627. 

This recording contrasts two composers, one well known, one little known, who were influenced by the Mannheim School and Classical Viennese Symphonies of Haydn, Vanhal, and Albrechtsberger. Pieter Van Maldere (1729-1768) was one of the principal composers of the Austrian Netherlands during the mid 18th century. He was a virtuoso violinist and Kapellmeister to Prince Karl of Lothringia (Regent of the Austrian Netherlands, brother of Emperor Franz Stephan and uncle of Emperor Joseph II). He composed 49 Symphonies, generally in the Galant style.

Unfortunately, Pieter Van Maldere only gets one opportunity to impress, with his Sinfonia in D Op.V/I, a short three-movement work lasting just over 12 minutes. The opening includes elements of the Sturm und Drang style with its rapid changes of volume. His music was known throughout Europe, including by Mozart. Whether this was chosen for inclusion as one of his finest Symphonies is not clear from the programme notes, which say a lot about him but very little about the Sinfonia. Either way, I think Mozart’s reputation is unlikely to be challenged by this attractive, but rather slight piece.

The bulk of the disc is dedicated to Mozart’s use of the clarinet, with his Clarinet Concerto in A and two Arias from La Clemenza Di Tito: Non Più Di Fiori with obligato basset horn played by Lisa Shklyaver, and Parto Parto with obligate basset clarinet played by Borja García Mata. All three works were composed for the clarinettist Anton Stadler. Mozart’s Concert Aria Vado Ma Dove? completes the programme, the three vocal pieces sung by mezzo Coline Dutilleul.

W.A Mozart: Concerto for Clarinet in A, Kv622
Non Più Di Fiori & Parto Parte (from La Clemenza Di Tito K. 621
Peter Van Maldere: Sinfonia in D Op.V/I:
W.A. Mozart: Vado Ma Dove? (from Air De Concert K.583)