Mozart: Concerto for Basset Clarinet & Concert Arias

Mozart: Concerto for Basset Clarinet & Concert Arias
Pieter Van Maldere: Sinfonia in D

Terra Nova Collective, Vlad Weverbergh, Coline Dutilleul
Etcetera KTC1627. 

This recording contrasts two composers, one well known, one little known, who were influenced by the Mannheim School and Classical Viennese Symphonies of Haydn, Vanhal, and Albrechtsberger. Pieter Van Maldere (1729-1768) was one of the principal composers of the Austrian Netherlands during the mid 18th century. He was a virtuoso violinist and Kapellmeister to Prince Karl of Lothringia (Regent of the Austrian Netherlands, brother of Emperor Franz Stephan and uncle of Emperor Joseph II). He composed 49 Symphonies, generally in the Galant style. Continue reading

Telemann: Concerti for Wind Instruments

Telemann: Concerti for Wind Instruments
il Gardellino
Etcetera KTC 4004.

Telemann: Concerto in e, TWV 52 e:1; Concerto in a 6, TWV 52 e:3; Concerto in a, TWV 52 a:1; Concerto in D, TWV 51 f:1; Septet in Bes, TWV 44:43.

Recorded in 2003, this is presumably a reissue, although I couldn’t anything to confirm that. It is not listed on il Gardellino’s website. Matthessohn seems to have been one of the first to wonder how Telemann managed to compose so much music. This, and the dominance of Bach in the revival of German baroque music, has always been a bit of a problem. The opening Concerto in this CD helps by including several moments that many listeners might recognise. Matthessohn also commented that “Telemann alone is beyond all praise and lauds”, and this CD demonstrates the exceptional quality of his music. Both technically and musically, his compositional skill is self evidence, as is the breadth of his creative imagination. Continue reading