Tröstlicher Lieb stets ich mich üb

 Tröstlicher Lieb stets ich mich üb
Lieder und Tänze der Renaissance
Intavolaturen und Originalsätze für 2 Lauten, Cembalo, Orgel, Flötenquartett
Cornetto COR 10051. 46’09

This very short (46’09) CD of Songs and Dances from the Renaissance focusses on the practice of intabulating (transcribing) vocal pieces for instruments, a common practice in the 15th and 16th-centuries. In many examples, the addition of divisions (additional notes added to the original slow-moving vocal lines) gave more of a musical flow to pieces. Many early organ and keyboard treatises are based on the practice of adding divisions to intabulations, making it, arguably, the foundation of all later keyboard music. 

This CD includes examples for flutes & recorders, lute, and organ & harpsichord, generally grouped with the same vocal original. Paul Hofhaimer’s opening Tröstlicher Lieb stets ich mich üb which gives the CD its title. The pieces are based on arrangements of popular Renaissance songs for two lutes by lutenist Wolff Heckel (c1515-c1562),  published in his 1556 Lauten Book. Other pieces include Janequin’s Il estoit une fillette, Josquin’s Mille regretz, and Senfl’s Patientia muss ich han. The players are Jean-Marie Poirier & Thierry Meunier, lutes and Wolfgang Schäfer, organ and harpsichord.