Samuel Capricornus: Sacred Concertos

Samuel Capricornus
Sacred Concertos for voices and violas da gamba
Long & Away consort of viols and vocal soloists
Cornetto Verlag COR 10044. 71’11

One of the most distinctive sounds of the early German Baroque is the sensuous combination of voices and viols, here represented by music by the little-known Samuel Capricornus. Born in Bohemia, Capricornus’s Protestant family soon fled to Bratislava for fear of the Counter-Reformation. After studies in more religiously tolerant Silesia, Capricornus moved first to Stuttgart and then briefly to Vienna at the end of the devastating Thirty Years War. In Vienna he joined the sumptuous musical court of Ferdinand III, whose death shortly afterwards led to another move, this time back to Bratislava (the Preßburg) before being invited to the prestigious post Continue reading