Ars Antiqua: Ramon Llull

Ars Antiqua: Ramon Llull – chronicle of a medieval voyage
Capella de Ministrers &
Musica Reservata Barcelona
CDM 1637. 66’13

This is a rather curious CD, subtitled “Ramon Llull – chronicle of a medieval voyage: conversion, study and contemplation”. When I first saw the CD, with its mention of Ramon Llull (Raymond Lully), I wondered if this was a discovery of a previously unknown mediaeval composer. But it turns out the Llull/Lully has nothing to do with the music on the recording. The ‘bouquet of pieces’ on the disc are apparently an offering to the admirers of Llull on the 700th anniversary of his death. A rather curious offering, considering that for most of his life, Llull had little or anything to do with music, and certainly not for the sort of music on this CD.

Llull was born in Palma, Majorca, around 1230, shortly after the Muslims had been conquered and enslaved, and the Balearic Islands Continue reading