‘Exquisite Love’: Andreas Scholl & Tamar Halperin

‘Exquisite Love’
Andreas Scholl & Tamar Halperin
Sam Wanamaker Playhouse. 3 January 2016

SWP/2015/Andreas Scholl/CGFor years now Andreas Scholl has had the ability to fill stadia and opera houses, although his singing usually seems more suited to smaller spaces. He is often derided by opera critics for the comparatively low volume of his voice, although I often think that he has it about right, and the others sing too loudly, at considerable cost to their voices. But in the compact environment of the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse (the Shakespeare Globe’s reconstruction of a Jacobean theatre), he had no fear of being thought too quiet.

In theory, the Wanamaker Playhouse acoustics should not work for classical music, with so much wood, Continue reading