In Himmel und auf Erden: Antonio Scandello

In Himmel und auf Erden: Antonio Scandello
Chordae freybergenses, Susanne Scholz
Querstand VKJK 1503. 63’07

CDnewfrontAntonio Scandello:
Newe Teutsche Liedlein mit Vier und Fünff Stimmen, Nürnberg 1568;
El primo libro de la Canzoni Napolitane a IIII voci, Nürnberg, 1572.

Right from the start of this fascinating CD (‘In Heaven and on Earth’), you know you are entering a completely different world of sound. And there is an extraordinary story behind it.

Many musicians visit Freiberg Dom to see and hear the magnificent 1714 Silbermann organ at the west end (and a smaller one in the north gallery). At the other end of the church, in the chancel, is the spectacular burial chapel of the Albertine branch of the Royal House of Wettin, rulers of Saxony, dating from just before 1600. Amongst the many decorative figures and sculptures on the upper levels of the chapel are several depictions of musical instruments. Some years ago, it was discovered that these instruments were not sculptural models, but real, playable, Renaissance instruments, complete with the maker’s signatures. It took many more years before these were properly Continue reading