Handel – Haym: Trio Sonatas

Handel – Haym: Trio Sonatas
L’Aura Rilucente
Ambronay AMY304. 55’19

Handel: Trio Sonatas, Op.2 Nos 5 & 7, arrangements from operas; Haym: Trio Sonatas, Op.1, Nos 1, 3 & 4.

Handel / Haym - Trio SonatasWhat a delightful CD. Part of the ’eeemerging’ (Emerging European Ensembles) project led by the Ambronay cultural centre, it selects promising young musicians and helps them set up their careers, including the chance to make their first CD – like this one, from L’Aura Rilucente, a five-strong group formed in 2011 in Milan. Their fascinating programme includes three Trio Sonatas by Nicola Francesco Haym, usually only known (if at all) as the librettist for some of Handel’s operas (for example, OttoneFlavioTamerlanoRodelinda. Also known as a cellist, Haym’s composing activities have been almost entirely overlooked, so his inclusion on this CD is a real musical service. Continue reading