New music for choir and ancient instruments

New music for choir and ancient instruments
Choir of Gonville & Caius College Cambridge, Geoffrey Webber
London Festival of Contemporary Church Music
St Pancras Church. 7 May 2016

Shortly after reviewing the Gonville & Caius Chorus vel Organa CD (here) and the unrelated Spellweaving CD of ancient music from Scotland (here), I noticed that the opening concert of the London Festival of Contemporary Church Music would be combining some of the musicians in one event. The first half was of extracts from the Chorus vel Organa CD, based on music, mostly by Ludford, from the mediaeval Royal Chapel of St Stephen in the Palace of Westminster. Magnus Williamson’s clever reinterpretations of the organ verses that form an integral part of the music were played by an organ scholar on one of the St Pancras organs, a very different sound and temperament to the copy of a mediaeval organ used on the recording. The choir did well to cope with the different pitch and tuning.

The Gonville & Caius choir have previously worked with some of the instruments from the Spellweaving CD, and featured music in that idiom Continue reading